Netbook of Feats Downloads

Version for 5e rules
This PDF contains 67 feats for the 5e rules set. The bulk of them are replacements for the feats not included in the SRD, but some are entirely original mechanics.

Get the NBOF 5.0 here free

Version for 3.0 rules
This file is a PDF format designed to be printed. It was the last time we created the netbook in PDF format due to the time it took to re-format it whenever we made changes to the content.

Get the NBOF 3.0 here free

Version for 3.5 rules
This was the last published version of the NBOF. It is for the 3.5 rules set and is in an HTML format. It is internally linked in a range of ways and includes supplementary material such as a feat writing guide for the 3.5 rules.

Get the NBOF 3.5 here free