’s Policy of Inclusion and Respect

For me, gaming is about fantasy, imagination, and cleverness. We create and explore worlds that we find interesting and stimulating. It is something that everyone should be welcomed to enjoy. To that end, I want my company, to stand for a spirit of inclusion and mutual respect. To that end, I offer the following commitments.

1. Haters are Not Welcome

To include as many people as possible in the joy of gaming, I feel I must exclude those who drive others away with their hatred, negativity, and aggression. Messages of inclusivity are welcome, messages of exclusivity are not. If I feel you have stepped over a line, you will be politely and quietly shown the door and made to leave.

2. Diversity in Art

When I am fortunate enough to afford commissioned art, I will make an active effort to depict a diversity of characters reflective of the diversity of human experience. I will seek to defy the most common stereotypes of both real life and fantasy.

3. Respecting Fantasy

The nature of RPGs is often about our fantasy life. What excites our imagination is often very different from how we live our lives. I ask that you remember that we all have our own fantasy life and not to be quick to judge others based on theirs. Not every game is for everyone. We will do our best to be forthright about content in a game that may be disturbing or offensive so that you can avoid content that might disturb or offend you.

4. Listening to You

I promise to listen to what you have to say. I am always interested in the critique of my work or of others work we I offer on my site. If you have a concern or a suggestion, I want to hear it. I cannot promise I will always agree, but I will listen and do my best to consider what you say.

5. Diversity of Creators

I think that from diverse creators come diverse ideas. To that end, when I do seek out content and contributions, I will try to favor people with wide-ranging identities and who have unusual outlooks and ideas. I will also look for creators who are new to the gaming world and looking to make a name for themselves.