Games I’ve Won

Games I’ve Won

I don’t remember when I first started keeping track of video games that I’d won but it was somewhere in the 1990s. I’ve no idea how many hours of my life have been playing games but it’s a significant portion. Work and school probably finish higher, but after that, gaming, and eventually gaming will over-take school.

I think my list started as an MS word document, then migrated to an RTF doc, and now resides in a Google Docs spreadsheet. Every once in a while I do some work to add data points to it such as links to descriptions of the games.

Currently, to make the list, I either have to have “beaten” the game or played it a long enough time I feel some “accomplishment” with it. There are probably just as many games I’ve started and not finished, but they don’t get to be on the list.

I think the whole idea was to have some monument or record of the time and energy spent learning and beating these things. Not that I really need that or that I am especially proud of said achievements, but it feels right to chronicle it somehow.

Now, for the first time, my list is available to you dear reader. It’s hard to imagine many would be much interested, but you may find it jogs your memory of conquests past.

Here it is: Games Won

I’d be curious to know who else has kept such a list or how you keep it.