Batman Arkham Underworld Unofficial Strategy Guide

My first Strategy Guide is now Available

I was trying out titles for my iPad and became a bit obsessed with Batman: Arkham Underworld from the fine folks at Turbine.

I was writing a tips article for the blog but it morphed into a full-blown strategy guide some 40,000 words long. I just finished the process of turning it into an E-book and publishing it for the Kindle. You can find it here.

Since the game is discontinued, you can download the guide free in the SigTrent store.

It’s my first e-book, my first strategy guide, but hopefully not the last of either. I plan to keep it up to date as the game updates and to refine the formatting as we learn more about how to tame the format.

If you like base building games or batman games in general, I recommend it. And if you want to go hard-core with it, I recommend my guide. I not only draw on my own skills but that of the top players I spoke with.