About the Netbook of Feats

Hello and welcome to the Netbook of Feats 5E edition. My name is Sigfried Trent, your editor and chief here at feat central and your guide to the Netbook of Feats. The mission of the netbook of feats is as follows:

  1. Create a cohesive and exhaustive list of feats for 5E
  2. Be free and widely available to the public
  3. Help new authors create quality game content

This is a curated list of feats, and that means we don’t just include every feat we find. We pick and choose and we edit the feats in the book to make them as well written and balanced as we can make them. It is also a living document which means we may change feats in the book from time to time when we find problems with the existing designs or ways to improve them. I want the NBOF to be the best collection of 5E feats available.

How does it work?
We publish under the Open Gaming License which means so long as you agree to use it as well, you can use any of the material in the Netbook of Feats in your publications without permission or compensation. It is also how we are able to use 5th edition content that Wizards of the Coast publishes under the OGL in the form of the System Reference Document or SRD.

The Netbook of Feats is free for you to download and you are welcome to share it with others. Of course, I am happy to take donations to help keep our website running and myself well-fed but it is certainly not expected. I’d appreciate it if you would consider signing up for the Downy Owlbear mailing list; you will get a notification when the NBOF has updated as well as some exclusive articles and offers from Downy Owlbear.

Want to Contribute?
There are a few ways you can participate in the netbook of feats.

  • Foremost is you can write feats and submit them to the NBOF. Our editing team will then help you refine your feat for publication and will work to fit it into the overall collection.
  • You can also volunteer to be an editor. This entails reviewing feats, editing the netbook content, and generally helping out with publication.
  • Finally, you can contribute artwork to the Netbook. If you are an artist and would like to help out by illustrating feats for us we would be delighted to use your art for our site or for illustrated versions of the NBOF.

You can contact me here: Sigfried@gmail.com