What’s Going on Here?

It’s been pretty quiet here on SigTrent Plays Games and my other sites. I wanted to take a moment and let folks know what’s happening with me and the site.

My medical issues

For the first time in my life, I’ve been hit with some kind of chronic medical issue. It started in October. At the time I thought I just had a bad cold. Then I got a cold again in early December. And another in late December, and I’ve been sick since then pretty much constantly.

So far, the Doctor’s I’ve seen don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve had a few tests and have lots more to come. I’m confident we will get it sorted out, but in the mean time it has thrown my life, and this enterprise for a loop.

The core symptoms are extreme fatigue and elevated heart rate. Just streaming was sending me into coughing fits and making me light-headed. On good days I can spend some time at the computer, on bad days I just lie in bed feeling wiped out.

My plans for SigTrent Plays Games

I’m not at all giving up on anything here. I am however setting it a little on the back burner as I deal with this medical problem. Financial concerns due to the cost of treatment may mean I have to go back to full time work and make SigTrent a part time endeavor again.

I’ll be holding off on live streaming until I can do so without devolving into coughing fits or feeling light-headed. I should be able to muster some video work, but right now, my priorities are in getting healthy and seeing to my finances.

Still, I’ll be doing what I can to at least keep the pilot light going here so I can resume my mission in full. In the meantime, keep having fun out there and try to spread some joy to others!

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  1. James Thomas February 20, 2021 at 10:20 pm

    Keep on keeping on Sigfried. And contact me if you think of a way I can help.

    I believe in you.

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