How to support our channel

Sig and Anne

How to support our channel

Thanks for taking the time to read this! There are many ways you can show your support for SigTrent Plays games and help us keep this project going.

Our mission is to bring joy to folks through gaming and kindness.

Financial Support

Financial support is what I ultimately need in order to continue being a content creator. There are many ways you can contribute. All of them offer you special privileges of some kind.

#1. Become a Patron

By signing up on Patreon you pay me a stipend every month through the Patreon service. This is a great way to help because it is a reliable source of income for the channel. My patrons get special business progress reports and other occasional goodies. It’s only $3 a month to join!

Patreon does take a small cut of these donations, but it’s still one of the better ways to donate.

#2. Shop Amazon using our affiliate links

Most of the product links on my blog are Amazon affiliate links. When you use one of them and then buy something, I make a little commission from it. You don’t pay any more than normal, so it’s a win-win. If you want to bookmark my affiliate link, you can support me every time you shop.

#3. Subscribe my Twitch Channel

If you have Amazon Prime you subscribe to my channel for free! If not, then it costs between $3.99 a month up to $25.00 (you decide what you want to donate). You get special emotes and badges on my twitch channel. I get a bit less of this than with Patreon, but it also helps raise my profile on Twitch and get more supporters there.

#4. Make a PayPal contribution

If you just want to send some money directly and want minimum transaction charges, then PayPal is good. Just click here to make a donation.

#5. Send a check contribution

So you like it old school? That’s fine and dandy. You can mail contributions here made out to Sigfried Trent. Please put a note on the check that it is for SigTrent Plays Games.

1425 Broadway # 20-1911 Seattle, WA 98122

#6. Buy products in my store

My website has a store section where I sell various game products and such. I get the lion’s share of most of the sales there, though in some cases I sell other people’s products on consignment and we split the sales.

One of the fine, if a bit antiquated, products available in our store.

#7. Tip me on Facebook or Twitch

Both Facebook and Twitch have a tipping mechanism. In Twitch you cheer “bits” while on Facebook you tip “stars.” You buy these from the company and then can give them to content creators. It’s a big part of those communities. You can get some bits or stars for free, but not in any serious quantity. You can make these donations while I’m broadcasting live.

Follower Support

These actions don’t cost you any money, just a little time and the need to make some social media accounts. By following/liking/subscribing/sharing you help grow my audience and thus my base of support. It’s also how you get to see the content I produce.

#1. Follow me on Twitch

My Twitch page is currently where I do most of my work streaming video games. By following the page you get notifications of when I’m streaming live and you help build my profile on the platform.

#2. Follow my Facebook Page

I’ve got both a Facebook Streaming page and my personal page. Following these will get you more information about what I’m doing. Sharing, commenting, and liking posts also helps me get more visibility. Every bit helps!

#3. Subscribe to my Youtube Channels

I’ve got two Youtube channels you can subscribe to. First is the gaming channel SigTrent Plays Games. The other is Sigfried Trent where I post essays, debates, and other interesting things.

#4. Follow me on Twitter

I mostly use Twitter for promotions, but sometimes I’ll discuss games or answer questions. It’s a good one for getting notifications of my live streaming no matter what service I’m streaming on.

#5. Read and share my blogs

I have a number of blogs. By reading them and sharing them you help me find an audience. The blogs are also a way we make affiliate income through folks clicking on links to products and services we talk about.

Participate and Share

It can be challenging to come up with ideas and implement them alone. Many hands make light work and part of the work of SigTrent Plays Games is playing games and talking about games. If you enjoy those things too, you can help me out.

#1. Chat with us on Twitch

Twitch is about community and interaction. While lots of folks watch, it’s much better when folks come and interact with me. Ask questions, strike up a conversation, or just otherwise hang out. You don’t even have to talk about the game I’m playing.

#2. Send me your ideas, requests, and suggestions

I don’t have time to do everything folks ask for, but I take a lot of inspiration from suggestions and requests. I’m also more motivated for a project when I know someone is excited about it.

Some of the fine art donated by Daryl Langly for the Netbook of Feats

#3. Donate art, music, or other media

If you are an artist or musician or happen to have the rights to something I might find useful for video production, that could be helpful. I love to feature other people’s work and I’m happy to do some promotion in exchange for usable assets.

#4. Hang out in discord

The SigTrent Discord channel is a place for folks to hang out who are part of the community. It’s also a good place to find me if you want to chat. You can click here to join.